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Passing the Flame
Festival and Conference
Dah Theatre 20th Anniversary

In June 2011, DAH Theatre founded by Jadranka Andjelić and Dijana Milošević will celebrate a significant achievement – the 20th anniversary of its founding. DAH is the only professional theatre group in Serbia that has been in existence for this many years.

In 1993, two years after the Theatre’s founding, DAH Theatre Research Centre was formed.  During the years since its establishment, the Centre has produced a wide array of projects, performances, tours, festivals, workshops, and master classes. It has toured productions and workshops around the world, promoting exchange between many important international artists and theoreticians from the performing arts field.

In contemporary Serbian culture, continuity and endurance in the arts is a pressing concern.  We consider the longevity in an artistic organization an inspiration to future generations of working artists.  Passing the Flame is a project to symbolically and concretely confirm the importance of the long life of artistic groups in our culture and beyond.

Passing the Flame is a project consisting of a Festival and Conference whose main themes are: the encounter of different generations of theater practitioners, the importance of continuity and endurance in culture, the passing of knowledge in the field of theater, and how knowledge existing in an ephemeral art form such as live performance might be documented and preserved for posterity.

The invited artists include the most important great theater masters of our time: Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret (Denmark), Yuyachkani (Peru), Jill Greenhalgh (Wales), Rena Mirecka (Poland), and Gennadi Bogdanov (Russia).  These artists and groups have impacted the 20th century with their artistic work, and their influence is still evident in 21st century performance practice.  Many of these artists took part in the famous BITEF festival in our city of Belgrade, thus connecting DAH’s international theatrical roots with an influential Serbian theater festival that has been in existence for more than 40 years.

The second generation of invited artists, of which DAH Theatre is considered a member, consists of individuals and groups who, through their work and existence, continue the teachings of the great masters and present a bridge between them and future generations. These artists are making an impact on the theater scene of today and, with their innovative work, open up new possibilities in the field of performance: Theaterlabor (Germany), 7 Stages Theatre (USA), Teatret OM (Denmark), Violeta Luna/Roberto Varea (Mexico/Argentina), Plavo pozorište (Serbia), Ister teatar (Serbia), Grenland Fritheatre (Norway), Tricklok Theatre (USA), Belarus Free Theatre (Belarus), and Project Brazil (Brazil), among others.

The third generation of invited artists consists of groups that present a continuation of the work of our generation.  They are groups open to experiment, and already making an imprint on the world theater scene: ArtsSpot Productions (USA), Prodigal Theatre (UK), Fragment Teatar (Switzerland) and Ansambl Mirage (Serbia).

In addition to presenting performances by these artists and groups, the Conference will include:

1. Conversations - A series of conversations between artists from the     generation of Masters and leading Serbian artists and theoreticians.

2. Cumulative Reflections – A series of roundtable discussions between artists from Serbia and abroad.

3. Presentations of projects dealing with theatre and related fields: Theatre and Activism, Theatre and Peace Building, Theatre and Spiritual Practice, and Theatre and Social Change.  Presentations, films, and discussions will address the effectiveness of theatre in relation to these other fields.
The second part of the event will consist of a workshop led by famous artist representing the direct lineage of techniques Meyerhold (Gennadi Bogdanov).  These workshops will last for seven days.
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The third, optional segment of Passing the Flame will be the tenth presentation of  DAH Theatre’s  International  School for Actors and Directors, led by Dijana Milošević, co-founder and director of DAH Theatre, Maja Mitić, founding member and actress, and Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, core member and actress. This intensive course will last for two weeks.
[more about the School for Actors and Directors ]

The Festival and Conference*
Passing the Flame
will take place in Belgrade,
from June 11-19, 2011 

The workshops with Gennadi Bogdanov
will continue after this,
from June 20-26, 2011

  DAH Theatre's X International School**
will complete the event,
from June 28-July 9, 2011


* If you wish to apply for our Festival, Master Workshop and/or International School, please fill out our booking form.

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** If you wish to apply only for the 10th International School for Actors and Directors, please fill out our booking form.

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