Ritual and Theatre

Theatre has developed from ritual, preserving its elements through modern times. The field of theatre has contacts and overlaps with different  fields including other art forms, media, psychotherapy, science and numerous other areas.


Vlado Ilić (Serbia) – Pedagogue, professor and psychotherapist, he is the student of famous psychotherapist Bert Hellinger who developed his own method of systemic and family therapy called Order of Love. This method is appreciated and acknowledged throughout the world and is applied in psychotherapy, company consulting, psychosomatic medicine, counseling and many other aspects of life.

Božidar Mandić (Serbia) - Writer and founder of the Clear Streams Family commune, whose actions are devoted toward the philosophy of protecting the earth, creating an open community and living modestly.  The principles of the commune are the struggles for the individual and for the planet.  The group will present a film by director Gregor Županac called Scale (Lestvica) which will be accompanied by a ritual, Stone and Wood and a lecture The Aesthetics of Wilderness.

Dah Theatre Research Centre


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