The performance "Gifts of our Ancestors" is inspired by the magical world in the work of Momcilo Nastasijevic and is the fruit of a long process of work on the synthesis of contemporary theater expression with the roots of our cultural exeptionalitv.

Acting: Maja Mitic
Mirela Pavlovic
Varja Djukic
Petar Rajkovic
Voice: Milan Sivcev

Jadranka Andjelic, Dijana Milosevic
Boris Caksiran
Set and sound: DAH TEATAR
Music assistant: Ljubica Vrsajkov
Dramaturg: Zoran Lazovic

"The performance "Gifts of our Ancestors", that is inspired by the "magical world in the work of Momcilo Nastasijevic", virtuously synthesizes "contemporary theatrical expression with the roots of our cultural exeptionallity" and successfully goes on. By filling up the "real" space with movement, sound, color, darkness and light, making the theater a sacred place where every object is a treasured factor of a reality that can't be taken away, the making real of the surroundings that are THEATER, the midst of Nastasijevic's un-Reality is opened, and with it the depths of the Dark "vilajet".
Zoran R. Popovic
("Knjizevna rec", September 1992)

"In the performance of DAH TEATAR there is a need of a meeting with the magically colored mysticism of Nastasijevic and the contemporary theater expression that is based on the learning of different acting techniques. The performance "The Gifts of our Ancestors" does not have a fixed textual base, it lies on a sort of libretto in which a spectator may recognize the characteristics of certain characters from Nastasijevic's prose, or relations that exist between them.
And in this kind of a theater that insists on differing the theatrical conventions. Their dedication to their work is freed of the often seen acting formulas.
Radomir Putnik
("Politika", February 1993)



Dah Theatre Research Centre