Starting from the fact that our countries and cities today are (as it was in the past) multi-ethnic states with many inhabitants of different origin and culture, and that the awareness of that fact has faded in the last decade due to the crisis and wars that created multi-ethnical conflicts, we have created a project that promotes human rights and makes the culture of different ethnic communities that make the population of diverse minorities more visible.

The main goal of the project In/Visible City was to make the multi-ethnic structure of the cities and the richness of different ethnic cultures more visible. To re-discover what has become hidden, even though it has been part of our culture for centuries.

In/Visible City reflects on the positive aspects of our cultural and national differences, on the history of the cities that were created by many nations that have interwoven into it their culture, customs and achievements. Through the performances in the public buses that "told" the multi ethnic history of the cities, we wanted to contribute to the normalization of relationships between different ethnic communities and to the development of a civil society that is based on tolerance. The positive reactions of the audience and public affirmed that the citizens of Serbia needed this action.

"In a busline between Mali Bajmok and Palic, long 10 kilometers, with sounds of accordion, violine, rap music and drums, travelers were present in a theatrical spectacle, that neither limited space nor skiding of the bus in a curve coludn't  disturbe. The performance was devised  like a journey throug history of Subotica, and many citizens were delighted with things that they have heard and learned."
( BLIC  Vojvodina - Biljana Vučković )

WATCH - artistic-documentary movie about the EU project In/Visible City

In/Visible City with Ivana Milenović Popović, Ivan Nikolić, Uglješa Majdevac,
Maja Mitić, Đorđe Dragićević, Kristina Kika Jovanović, Anđela Popović, Nemanja Ajdačić
Photo by Una Škandro

Short History of the Project

This project is the development from the first In/Visible City in Belgrade in 2005 that dealt with the issues of inter-ethnic tolerance in Belgrade. The Project in each town develops through: The theatre performance in the local/city public transport, Round tables about the minority rights and many more different activities.

The success of this project and extremely good public response from the audience, Media and authorities, showed us that there is greater need for such activities and stimulated us to implement this model in other cities in Serbia (Niš, Leskovac, Vranje, Subotica, and Inđija.), which took place between June 2007 and May 2008.
In/Visible City 2007/08

In 2008 DAH Theater did the pilot project on the European level, in Norway, which brought huge interest and success.
Now that this project stands firmly on the ground by successfully fulfilling all its aims and goals, including its originality, we decided to extend to the other European countries.

In/Visble City is one of the winners of the ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration 2009.
The only regional Award of this kind aims to give recognition and promote organisations and projects that intend to create a stable and just society, which includes disadvantaged and marginalised groups. All submitted projects have been evaluated based on criteria of their effectiveness and specific benefits for society.

The project In/Visible City is given as an example of one of the most successful projects on inter-cultural dialogue in the year 2008 by the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts).

Dah Theatre is the first organization from Serbia to be authorized by the European Commission to be a co-ordinator and a manager of the project as part of the programe EU "Culture 2007-2013".
 Dah Theatre is working on the project In/visibe City in coolaboration with artistic organizations from Denmark, Great Britain, Macedonia and France.
EU In/Visible City 2011/12

In 2014 the project was performed with great success in Sardinia at the Festival Girovagando.

In 2015, the celebration of 10 years of In/ Visible city we started in Novi Sad, a town known for its richness of different cultures and the impact of various ethnic minorities, then we performed in Indjija and we finished in Belgrade where we performed on the bus line 26, on December 10th, the International Day of Human Rights.

The following year, 2016, In / Visible City has traveled to Norway to PIT Festival (Porsgrunn International Festival) were was performed in collaboration with Grenlandfri Theatre.

Also, in Belgrade we performed a series of performances with the support of Foundation Jelena Šantić. In addition to performances, DAH Theatre has successfully conducted a workshop on tolerance and human rights with children from primary schools in Vinca and Vrcin.

We believe that this project is particularly important now, in the light of recent incidents where members of national minorities were attacked. The attackers were often young people, so this project is especially addressed to them with the idea to offer them another kind of picture of our society and the ability to take different, constructive place in it.

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