foto: Goran Basaric

The project "This Babylonian Confusion" is a result of a montage of the actors materials and the songs of Bertold Brecht. This performance was created from the need of the artists to place themselves in their duty as artists in "dark times". Four actors using the characters of Angels say their share against war, nationalism and destruction.

Maja Mitic
Mirela Pavlovic
Slobodan Bestic
Varija Djukic
Petar Rajkovic

Directors: Jadranka Andjelic and Dijana Milosevic
Boris Caksiran
Set: Dah Theatre

The motto of this performance is :
"In the dark times, will there be singing in the dark times? Yes, there will be singing about the dark times." - B.Brecht

"In an extremely controlled, directed ritual performance filled up with the energy of the actors, Brecht speaks up as the most lively and most contemporary author of our times-against slaughter and against totalitarism... The possible hermeticallity of the signs is overcome by the strength, precisely chanalled, clear, and above all-the emotions are open to all."
Dubravka Knezevic
("Pacific" August 1992)

foto: Branko Brandajs

"...This performance also initiated a scenic game that overcame itself and that in the poetry of the, not accidentally chosen, socially and politicly active Bertold Brecht, found a cover for its violent involvement in the time when the breakout of war hysteria was evident in the area of former Yugoslavia.
Alaksandar Milosavljevic
("Vreme" December 1995)

"With the performance of Dah Teater we discover the truth of our foul everyday life, to say "what time is this in which a talk about trees is almost a crime."
(July 1992)

"One of the most apprecieted performances was "This Babylonian Confusion" - a drama of rebellion - rebellion against the silence of so many, against hatred, and against being stripped by the nation."
(August 1992)

foto: Goran Basaric foto: Goran Basaric


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